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headspace Roma

RHealth is pleased to announce that we are opening the doors at headspace Roma on schedule, in the week commencing 4th May 2021. A major highlight from this process has been seeing the engagement of so many young people from the region, with hands-on involvement in everything from staff recruitment to choosing furniture and creating wall art.

Our team has enjoyed working with Roma business and suppliers to transform the building at 59-61 Arthur Street into a modern and inviting headspace centre. We have been able to achieve one of our goals of supporting the community in practical ways through local spending of approximately 85% of the establishment budget.

The new headspace Roma centre, including the staff team, is a credit to the Roma community as they have embraced this project on many levels to create something that will meet needs for their young people right now and also build something of lasting significance into the future.

The RHealth team is very grateful for the collaboration and expertise provided by WQPHN and the headspace National team, who have guided the centre design and branding process every step of the way. Our Board and staff look forward to following up our initial ‘soft opening’ with an official launch event that will be a celebration of this significant achievement.

Dr Ross Hetherington, RHealth President

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