refeRHEALTH is a secure online referral tool that has been developed to make the referral process as easy as possible for referring practices and providers. The system has been developed to be user friendly, but also maintain a high level of data integrity and reporting capabilities.


Referral Tracking

GP's and referrers can track the progress of referrals entered into the system using several different methods, allow them to ensure their patients are being seen and are received the best care possible.


refeRHEALTH has a built-in invoicing and budget module that allows service providers to generate invoices directly from session data they have entered.


RHealth is able to provide comprehensive reports from the data that is collected in refeRHEALTH beyond standard MDS reports, including reports on demographics, referral data including referral source, session data and outcome measures.

Data Quality Management

RHealth manages the data that is entered into refeRHEALTH, regularly conducting quality checks to ensure that it is accurate and that minimum data requirements are met by service providers.

Managing refeRHEALTH data quality includes liaising with service providers and referrers to ensure data is correct from the source, cleaning data that is incorrectly entered to ensure that the output will meet the required standards and intuitive systems designed to limit possible data quality issues before they arise.

Notifications and Messaging

refeRHEALTH has a built in ‘Notes’ features that can be used as an internal messaging and as a system for additional records. This system allows service providers or referrers to notify both each other or refeRHEALTH administrators without the need to call or email.


refeRHEALTH is secured through multiple methods by RHealth. All data is stored on cloud servers based in Australia, and secured and managed by an Australian based organisation.

  • refeRHEALTH is regularly monitored and updated by developers to ensure proactive defense against intrusion via known exploits
  • Systems are hardened against common service-based attacks.
  • Hardening against privilege escalation attacks
  • Monitoring software routinely checks network and server security to ensure security issues are reported to administrators
  • Resource monitoring helps with proactive management of servers with high usage before issues occur
  • All servers monitored by third party which provides notifications in the event the server becomes unreachable
  • refeRHEALTH is backed up daily to ensure continuous up time

Want to know more?

For a demonstration of refeRHEALTH or for further information please call RHealth on 07 4638 1377.