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Frequently asked questions


Why do I have to use refeRHEALTH?

All PHN funded services for mental health are required to report on the Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set, a requirement set down from the Department of Health.  refeRHEALTH has been designed to make this as easy as possible for service providers, as well as provide referrers with a convenient tool to track the progress of their referrals to different PHN funded services.

Will refeRHEALTH work with my practice software?

At this stage refeRHEALTH is not connected with any of the major software vendors for General Practice, however RHealth is currently investigating and testing various options for connecting refeRHEALTH to GP practice software. Due to the financial and technical requirements of developing such a connection, there is considerable work that needs to be done before we are able to deploy a simple solution that will work for all referrers.

RHealth will update referrers as we make steps towards this on a potential deployment date of this feature.

Is my data secure in refeRHEALTH?

Yes, all data in refeRHEALTH is stored on servers hosted in Australia, with high levels of technical and physical security. Our developers are constantly checking for any potential security threats and RHealth staff regularly check the system logs for unusual activity. The front end of refeRHEALTH is also secured by Secure Sockets Layer technology, which creates an encrypted connection between the website and the server, this is the same level of security you would find on your online banking.

What do I do if I have a suggestion about refeRHEALTH?

RHealth is always looking to improve refeRHEALTH. If you have a suggestion for refeRHEALTH, or a potential change that you could see is beneficial to the system, please email admin@rhealth.com.au. Many of the changes to the system that have taken place have been based on user feedback.

Please note: While RHealth will endeavor to take all feedback on board, not all suggested changes can be implemented due to funding and technological limitations.

Do you offer one-on-one training?

Our main method of training is through these online training videos, as this allows people to learn at their convenience and can be referenced again later to recap various topics of interest. RHealth can still organise training sessions by request, however our recommendation is for potential users to view the training videos first.

Why does refeRHEALTH only record the K10+, K5 and SDQ?

This is based on what is collected in the PMHC MDS. The PMHC MDS only accepts the K10+, K5 and SDQ, as such we do not have a field to record other outcome measures. If you have completed a DASS21 or other outcome measure, our recommendation is to record the total scores as a note on a referral.

I'm having trouble logging in, what should I do? 

If you have any issues logging in or using the system please contact RHealth at admin@rhealth.com.au or on 07 4638 1377.

Are notes I send secure? 

Yes, the notes you send to service providers are secure and only seen by the service provider and yourself.

What is a form in refeRHEALTH?

A form in refeRHEALTH is where the answers to certain questions are stored for referral and sessions. You can view all session forms by simply clicking 'View' next to the session you want to view under the 'Sessions' tab. If you want to review the data collected at referral, you will need to navigate to the 'Forms' tab of the persons referral and click 'View' next to the form labeled 'Additional referral details'.

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