About Us

Welcome from the President

Welcome to RHealth, a dynamic and innovative Primary Health Care Organisation servicing the Darling Downs and South West Queensland.

RHealth as an organisation has grown and diversified significantly since establishment as a Division of General Practice in 1994. Through continuing to work with rural and remote communities over time, RHealth has positioned itself as a provider of choice recognised for a focus on quality service delivery and sustainable outcomes.

RHealth places high value on partnership for the successful delivery of services across a vast geographic area. We are committed to the maintenance and expansion of partnerships at all levels as a critical factor for the delivery of services that are highly relevant to each community.

The goal for RHealth will always be to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and remote communities, with a strong emphasis on support for the Primary Health Care workforce.

This is what ‘Your Health, Our Health’ means to us, and we invite you to be involved on the journey.

Dr Ross Hetherington

Why RHealth? 

RHealth is owned and supported by General Practitioners from across Southern Queensland.

RHealth is a Company Limited by Guarantee with deductible gift recipient status, and is governed by a Board of four Elected Directors and two appointed Directors. We currently employ 17 staff across our four office locations.

RHealth's Vision is Influence through Excellence. Our Vision attainment requires positively influencing communities, partners, general practice, staff, and other stakeholders.

RHealth’s Mission is Better Outcomes through Primary Health Care. Our Mission attainment requires seeing evidence of improvement in the health of the community, value for money in health service provision, sustained focus on rural health, workforce sustainability and growth and influencing policy makers.

The RHealth Your Health Our Health culture is based on the concept that meaningful and sustainable outcomes to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australian people can be achieved through improving the capacity and capability of organisations, communities and individuals to make a difference.

The Core Values underpinning the desired behaviours and communications of RHealth are:

a. Excellence in Primary Health Care, General Practice and in all of our accountabilities and outcomes

b. Leadership in the health industry and engagement in the local communities in which we serve

c. Teamwork demonstrated by our collaboration and our trust in each other’s professional contributions

d. Respect for the dignity of others evident in our approachability and generosity of spirit

Our formula for success is established local relationships across the health sector with strong focus on general practice and the patient.

The ability to assess and respond to need effectively at the local level is about having good engagement and knowledge, and being able to make better use of existing workforce and technology; (i.e. leverage solutions that are likely to have a high acceptance rate in the community).

Having delivered programs and services since 1994 as a Primary Health Care organisation, we have a good understanding of how to engage in the local needs and operating context of the communities we have worked with, which are specifically regional, rural and remote communities.

RHealth Experience

Through RHealth’s origins as a rural and remote based Australian Government funded Division of General Practice, we have extensive experience and a proven track record in managing the operational, clinical and financial aspects of many and varied health services. RHealth has over 24 years of organisational experience in fund holding and service delivery. Some of the successful programs delivered by RHealth include:

  • headspace Warwick
  • refeRHEALTH e-referral tool
  • Mental Health Nurse Incentive
  • ATAPS+1 and Low Intensity Mental Health Services in the Wide Bay
  • Rural Primary Health Services Wide Bay and North Burnett
  • Partners in Recovery
  • Study into the CPD needs in Effective Teaching and Learning for Supervisors of GPs in Training in Rural and Remote Areas
  • Surat Basin Health and Community Services Workforce Plan
  • Access to Allied Psychological Services for Darling Downs and South West Queensland– Suicide prevention, perinatal, drought/climatic events
  • Aged Care Access Initiative
  • Care Coordination and Supplementary Services (Indigenous Chronic Disease Package)
  • Mental Health Services for Rural and Remote Areas
  • Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and Lifestyle Modification Programs
  • Rural Primary Health Services/More Allied Health Services
  • Chinchilla and South Burnett Healthy Active Programs
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Workers (Healthy Lifestyles, Community Nutrition and Indigenous Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs)
  • Closing the Gap: Improving Indigenous Access to Mainstream Primary Care
  • Eat and Live Well with Easternwell
  • Productivity Places Program
  • Queensland Transport Workplace Health Intervention
  • Rural Palliative and Advanced Care Program, South Burnett and Rural Palliative Care Zone Coordinator Project
  • South West Healthy Communities and Far South West Preventative Health Programs

RHealth has a wealth of experience and capabilities in program/project management, contractual compliance, quality assurance and financial management. Through continuing to work with regional, rural and remote communities over time, RHealth has developed a reputation as a provider of choice recognised for a focus on quality service delivery and sustainable outcomes.

Support for a robust private workforce working in a multi-disciplinary approach

The strategy of the RHealth Board is to actively pursue funding and resources to enable and improve services to Primary Health Care with focus on regional, rural, and remote locations in Australia. Our focus is on supporting the local primary health workforce to have a sustainable and a high quality working experience in the regions that they choose to live and work in. This strategy informs our preference for establishing a well-governed Service Contractor model instead of direct employment of clinicians for program funded services, that could be seen to be in competition with private practice.

RHealth is a culturally safe organisation

One of the principles of clinical safety in our Clinical Services Manual is that ‘People from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds and their community ties are respected and their individual needs met through culturally appropriate intervention, management, and delivery of services.’ As an employer we require mandatory cultural competence training and provide updates and refreshers to all staff. We contractually pass these requirements to our contracted private providers.

A Reliable Partner - Our Capabilities

RHealth places a strong emphasis Quality Assurance and a Culture of Continuous Improvement. In the delivery of Projects and Programs, RHealth has always strived to ensure that the best outcomes and benefits are received by funding agencies, stakeholders and participants.

  • Strong track record for innovative service delivery - over 18 years experience in health promotion and disease prevention activities particularly targeting rural and remote communities, and over 8 years experience in clinical service delivery
  • An unblemished record of Contractual Compliance
  • Strong Financial Management, Corporate Governance and Clinical Governance structures to ensure appropriate use of funding
  • Quality assured against the AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 since 2005, maintained with zero non-compliances - click here to view the Certification
  • Dynamic and motivated Project team, with a blend of qualifications, skills and experience to ensure a high quality, tailored approach to contract, project management and delivery
  • Provider of choice renowned for innovative, quality assured and user friendly services that create lasting benefit
  • A sustainable organisation, with a dedicated Board of Directors with many years of Corporate Governance, financial and risk management experience

Take the Next Step

With offices throughout Southern and South West Queensland and staff willing to travel to your location, RHealth would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Contact us to have on 07 4638 1377 or through the contact form here for an obligation-free discussion about how we can work together to achieve the outcomes you are after.